Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Idea

Ideas on Storyboard of Journey With Students

Brainstorm on Theme: Journey+Student

Looking at another film on  4 3 2 1  whose director by english actor and screenwriter. The reason I've chosen this film to analyse the interesting structure of storyline which also link on theme of ' Journey'. Basically, the story is about thriller following three days in lives of four best friends. Whilst Jo is tired down to a dead end supermarket job, and all her friends are all out on their own separate adventures. From the scene where all friends are all out separate adventures, there is interesting structure of storyline that explained each four girl's adventures to link the flashback of what's happening at the beginning.

To research more film, Sin a lot whose director is Frank Millers an american comic book artist. He's also, well known for his dark films, noir-style and comic book & film.  looking at the structure of Neo-noir and how it revolutionised today's society from back in 1940s-50s. However, Frank's work on 'Sin City' used a lot of noir which also includes its use of shadow and stark backgrounds. I also like how Frank uses black & white with the exception of red mostly yellow and blue which also draws attention to certain character in the story.

Research More on films..

A clip of nike football commercial advert. What i like about this advert is the way camera shot are view from player's eyes and the storyline is about player's life as routine and how the player reach his next level to achieve his dream. Very creative idea. What I'm looking for, in this advert is to give me a ideas of method on how to use different style of camera shot during the journey.

Research on Films...

To research on film, looking at the structure of storyline that link to this project on 'Journey'. Consider, the structure of camera-shot. For example, looking at film on  'Scott Pilgrim vs The world' looking at the comic style and how it was use in this film. considering  to use comic styles on my short-film Promote Graphic Communication?
Far-right-middle as you see a quick sketch ideas on using comic style.